The Economist endorsing History of Economics classes.

Most of you will be reading this magazine (I hope), for those who do not I posted this item. It basically looks at the current financial crisis and seeks to reason the role of Business Schools and universities in shaping the minds of the future, their solution? History classes! Makes me feel smugly about our course already 😉  Read it here.


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One response to “The Economist endorsing History of Economics classes.

  1. I am not so optimistic. I believe they mean economic history, so narratives of bubbles and institutional change, and the growth of the economy. This opposed to intellectual history, the inquiry into how knowledge about that economy is produced and used. From my kingly throne of historian of ideas, I am unsure if more economic history in business schools would have made much of a difference.

    Is this a normal trope of the business press that feeling the hangover is wondering what happened last night? (by the by, a bit brainless but worth a few laughs:

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