“The violence inherent in the system”

I know to most people, the thought of having to watch Monty Python is simply horrifying- but it truly is comedy at its best.

After watching and posting the last Monty Python (and the Holy Grail) clip I decided it was high time to watch the whole movie again. Low and behold, I found yet another excerpt that took my fancy. This clip is rooted in “democratically elected leaders”. It’s quite fitting in the sense that, there are tensions with the recent elections in Afghanistan.

You may wonder about the economics of the clip. Economists are present everywhere- division of tasks, hierarchy and voting strategies. Further, I think Dennis and the lady is a representation of Marx “mandate of the masses”.


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One response to ““The violence inherent in the system”

  1. Antoine Ederveen

    Fantastic sketch indeed. I watch it least a few times a week, on avarage.

    Love the dogmatic yapping Dennis chearns out.

    And the fantastic reply to Arthur’s Lady of the Lake speech.

    Anarcho-syndicalism, as is the commune’s nature, was stream of thought that started in the early 20th century. Basic assumption is that power corrupts. And Absolute power corrupts Absolutely!

    From my own thoughts, i tend to agree with this: No man is fit to rule another as decisions are inherently based on the subjective views of that individual and are thus by (my) definition corrupted – as personal benefits from a certain decision or law cannot totally be detached from the individuals needs and wants.

    I see the sketch as one of the greatest in comedial history. Hail Python!

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