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The use of economics by politicians for political gain

Here is an article about the campaign for the Irish referendum on the Lisbon treaty. It is about a statement made by the Leader of the main opposition party (Fine Gael), Enda Kenny. I think it is interesting for the course as it is a politician referring to an economist as an expert. 
He also using economics to make a political point. It is also interesting how the treaty itself is not being discussed here but the economic consequences of voting against accepting the treaty. It is as if he wants to confuse the general population with quotes like: “is very clear: A No to Lisbon is a No to jobs,” even though there is no mention about jobs in the actual treaty. He is using the argument that based on the prediction of an economist, Colm McCartey, by voting no it will cause an increase in the cost of servicing Ireland’s national debt. Therefore leaving less room for a “stimulus”. Hardly as “clear” as this politician claims, but by using an economist he (at least in his mind) has some credibility to his statement.

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