Economics: comedy and blogging

Mankiw’s 10 Principles of Economics – translated.

I think my favourite part is ‘I’m going to buy an orange, I’m going to buy another orange, I’m going to buy another orange’.

As he says, Gregory Mankiw’s textbook is one of the most used nowadays. Mankiw also has a blog (which he even links to his textbook chapters- talk about a dedicated package), which is probably religiously followed by a few hundred students (at least?). Besides the influence this may have on economics students and other economists- which is also a good question-, I wonder how many non-economists (and who? journalists? policy-makers? parents of economics students?) follow this kind of blog, and to what extent. Do they just laugh at Mankiw’s license plate, or do they join the ‘Pigou club’ after Mankiw’s sustained advocacy?

Economists blogging/columning (e.g. Paul Krugman for the NY Times, Steven Levitt also but within the ‘Freakonomics’ blog, Jeffrey Sachs more soberly for Project Syndicate, Tim Harford in the Financial times) is not economics showing up from unexpected sources, but the medium is still relatively new. For lack of a full-on research paper, let’s take a quick poll…



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2 responses to “Economics: comedy and blogging

  1. alixpahaut

    A comment on my own post… As I was thinking about economists blogging, something struck me- the few economist bloggers I know of are men. After thinking about this some more, the question remained beyond blogs: where are all the women economists???

  2. The Economix blog of the New York Times has a good balance of men and women economists. The editor is a woman and Julie Nelson, a very significant name in Feminist and Radical economics a regular writer. Unfortunately, it is a male centric profession that is only slowly changing. The first woman to win a John Bates Clark medal was … 2007!

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