Scrooge McDuck and Money

we’ve all loved them…

And some views on capitalism as understood through Scrooge McDuck, taken from

(I personally don’t really like the article, but I thought I should give the “other view” an opportunity 😉 )

One of the most defining characteristics of the United States society is our commitment to capitalism, and no duck embodies this American drive for wealth and achievement more than Scrooge McDuck.

Scrooge McDuck emerged out of the war-galvanized American ideals of the late 1940s.  He embodies all the economic opportunitites of capitalism, and the ensuing responsibilities and hazards brought on by wealth and achievement.

His name Scrooge is an obvious reference to the cold-hearted miser Ebeneezer Scrooge of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  When one examines his fictional background, immigrating penniless from Scotland, and becoming and American rags-to-riches success, it evokes the notion of fellow Scotsman and robber baron Andrew Carnegie.  Thus in Scrooge McDuck we see that every American is afforded and opportunity to succeed, but we also see the dehumanization that takes hold when greed and materialistic gain is at the root of endeavor


However, our hatred for the capitalistic magnates is conflicted with our enthusiastic joy in the inherent and universal opportunity which capitalism and Scrooge McDuck present to one and all.  This is evident when Scrooge McDuck offers sound economic theory and puts it into practice.  As most of us carry a deep disdain for anyone higher on the capitalistic ladder than one, few of us would give up our own economic freedom which has enabled the financial success of Scrooge and others.  Thus we humbly acknowledge and respect his economic outlook, just as we currently do with capitalistic sages such as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

In summary, Scrooge McDuck represents the American love-hate relationship with capitalism.  We hate him for his success, and he hates us back.  We take solace in knowing that even though he swims through money like duck in a pond, he is at times overcome with misery in light of the gravity of his economic alienation.  Furthermore, we cannot deny that even though we hate his success, we would never deny our love for the opportunity to achieve a similar level of financial success.  Thus we always respect the economic wisdom of economic titans such as Scrooge McDuck.


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  1. The name for Uncle Scrooge / Scrooge Mc Duck in some other languages.
    Danish: Onkel Joakim / Joakim von And
    Dutch (in the Netherlands): Oom Dagobert / Dagobert Duck
    Finnish: Roope-Setä / Roope Ankka
    French: Oncle Picsou / Balthazar Picsou
    German: Onkel Dagobert / Dagobert Duck
    Italian: Zio Paperone /Paperon de Paperoni
    Norwegian: Onkel Skrue / Skrue McDuck
    Portuguese: Tio Patinhas /Patinhas Mc Pato / Patinhas Mc Patinhas
    Spanish (in Spain): Tío Gilito / Gil Pato
    Swedish: Farbror Joakim /Joakim von Anka


    My favorite is Paperon de Paperoni.

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