This film is a quite strong expression of economics! Influential as a video! Dynamic! Economics can be seen all around the film, underlying the essence and inseparability of technology and dynamism in our everyday lives, and hitting at the strong impact of trade and production, growing under the comparative advantage of the low-skilled labour.

However, economics is presented as turning peoples’ lives in low skilled machines and on the other hand, depending on the technology “ants”. A system that people have created, a system in which people can not go beyond and still a system that people can not live without. It is the necessity to develop and grow that makes people create that dynamic system.

The devastating consequences of “the machine” are much more striking in this case. Killing the importance of people, of humanity, and living! Impressive, sad! But up to where is economics creating, when it is destructing and aren’t the values that it is destructing paramount?


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